Why mink lashes? Mink lashes offers the most natural lightweight false lash solution out there, blending seamlessly into your own real lashes since mink lashes taper at the ends just like your own real lashes, looking natural and full. Because they are made from the natural shedding hairs of a mink, the lashes are lightweight. Each and every individual lash is hand knotted onto a cotton band strip that is made in South Korea, allowing the lashes to be allergen free. It also allows the lashes to be flexible and easily moulded to your eye and applied, as well as being tough enough to stand multiple uses!


What does 3D Multilayered Lash mean? Although you would think this was some special design and concept that we came up (we wish we could take the credit) it’s due to the lashes being obtained by the shedding of different minks. Because it’s the natural process of shedding, the mink’s fur can be different colours, lengths, and event sometimes thickness! Therefore naturally, the lashes end up being all different lengths, creating this fluttery affect called 3D. Some lashes can be dyed to create that jet black appearance.


What is the lash band made of? Each lash band is made of woven cotton from South Korea. Natural cotton allows the bands to be long-lasting and strong in order for the lash to be used multiple times. As the bands do not contain latex and natural allergens, it will not irritate even the most sensitive eyes. It also allows for the lash band to be flexible in order to easily be moulded to your eye shape.


How are the lashes made? Each pair of lashes are handcrafted and custom designed to be used for all occasions, day and night! Each style is designed from length to pattern to style to fit all different eye shapes and to compliment your look from a natural day look to a dramatic style for a night out. Regardless of your eye shape, size, depth, etc, you can find a perfect pair for you!


How to I apply my lashes? First cut off the extra portion of the lash band from both ends. Gently rest the lashes on your eyes, from the inner eye corner. It is always advised to cut off the excess from the ends of the eye lashes for a more natural look.


How many times can I reuse my lashes? Lashes can be reused with gentle care and maintenance approximately 20 times. (Please note the words GENTLE CARE). Please read on to find out how to take care of your lashes for the longest use!


How do I take care of my lashes? Use a latex free glue to preserve your lash band and prevent it from deteriorating. After each use, remove the glue off your lash band and put it back into your Ford Lashes box in order to keep the lashes shape. Always be gentle in handling your lashes, and not tugging on the lashes itself. Handle them with care by the band when removing the lashes from the box. As well do not coat the lashes with mascara (you won’t need to anyways) or try to wash the lashes with soap and water.


How is special about the lash glue? Instead of designing our own lashes, Ford Lashes decided to partner with Callas in order to offer their amazing Callas Eyelash Adhesive. Why is this lash glue so amazing? It is waterproof, which means it can be used for all occasions, happy or teary! It is also LATEX-FREE! This is a must for us especial as makeup artists know that many clients are allergic to latex. No eye-tearing fumes near your eyes!


How do I remove eyelash glue residue on my eyes?  It is best to use a oil based makeup remover, or a cleansing oil in order to quickly and efficiently remove any eyelash glue residue without damaging the delicate skin around your eyes.

  • With a oil based makeup remover, soak your cotton pads with the remover, and place it over your eyes for atleast 15 seconds so it can break down the makeup and glue. Softly wipe away with the cotton pads, and use Q-tips with makeup remover to get anything left over
  • With a cleansing oil, pump one or two pumps of the cleansing oil on your dry hands and gently rub your dry eyes, face, etc to break down all makeup and cleanse your skin. Add a bit of water to foam the cleansing oil, and the wash your face as normal. Use Q-tips with any makeup remover to remove anything left over.


Cruelty Free Policy? All of our lashes are cruelty free with the fur being obtained by naturally shedding hairs from the tails of minks. All minks are located in a safe environment.