Ford Lashes is a free membership only available to working professional artists, providing a 30% discount to promote Ford Lashes and offer their clients the best in todays beauty industry. To qualify, all applicants must fill out the form below, and submit only two of the following proof of professional artist status (website, business card, composite card, certificate or diploma, call sheet, or union card). All applicants are subject to approval. Membership renewal is required every 2 years.

Benefits of this free membership can only be used by the artist to whom it is issued to and Ford Lashes has the right to deny or revoke membership to artists who violate program guidelines and/or abuses discount privileges. Ford Lashes has the right to modify the Ford Lashes Artistry Program and it’s benefits at any time without prior notification. Free shipping only applies to artist with purchase after discount and before taxes of $75CAD. Ford Lashes Artistry members may return products as per the terms and conditions of the Return & Exchange policy.

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